Choose from several snowshoe hiking themes: discovery, safety, snow science, trapper, summit... Day hikes, half-day hikes, or 2-day bivouac.

Discovery Hike: In Bear Country.

Imprint your steps for the first time in virgin snow! At Col de Port or Goulier, experience true connection!

From the age of 8.
Level: Easy
Duration: 3 hours, morning or afternoon .

Hiking Pleasures: In the land of the golden eagle.

Get off the trail for a trip to Haute Ariège. Destination Roc de Miglos, Port de L'hers or Plateau of 7 squares. Supervised by a professional practicing a fun and educational approach.

From the age of 8.
Level: Easy
Duration: 3 hours, morning or afternoon.

Hiking Winter safety: On the road to autonomy.

An outing to learn snowshoe progression.
An introduction to the ARVA Avalanche Victim Detector.
Training to gain independence in winter.

For adults.
Level: Easy .
Duration: 5 hours, day.

> Chalet rental in winter in Ariège Evasion ? I discover

Hiking Nivology: What is snow?

With the help of educational support (probes, magnifying glasses, etc.) and after snow and safety information, discovery of the study of snow.
Why is it snowing?
How does the snow hold or not hold?

For adults.
Level: Easy .
Duration: 3 hours, ½ day.

Sporty hike: Towards the summits.

Your mid-mountain guide will present to you the adaptation of the fauna to winter, these constraints… (chais, marmots, bearded vultures, etc.)
Mont Fourcat, Mont Ceint or Tarbesou, the flagship peaks of Haute-Ariège.

For adults. Have already practiced snowshoeing.
Level: Supported .
Duration: 5 hours, day.

Original hike: Joe Timber.

Set off, with your guide, in the footsteps of this illustrious trapper and relive the adventure of the Great North! Traces and clues. Plateau de Sault or plateau de Beille.

From the age of 8.
Level: Easy .
Duration: 3 hours, ½ day.

INDIVIDUAL PRICES winter season 2024

DURATION Adult Child – 16 years old
½ day 35€** 25€**
Daytime 50€** 35€**
Bivouac 2 days 120€  

**Price based on 4 minimum registrants


Supervision by a state-certified instructor.
Professional liability insurance Technical equipment up to standards provided. Transport not included.

We also respond to any specific request such as bivouac, raid, roaming, training, internship, autonomy.

For any information on clothing, appointments and registrations, do not hesitate to contact us.


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