“Climb, rise on the wall, find your balance. »

   Passionate instructors and teachers:

The mountain is a grandeur nature passion!

It is in complete safety and with passion that our state-certified climbing instructors will help you discover the sensations of verticality.

From beginner to advanced, we take you on routes adapted to your level.

Climbing on school rock or long routes (250 meters).

Pleasure, Safety and Relaxation are our strengths!


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CLIMBING 2024 prices:

1/2 day: €40 per person (minimum 4 people)

1/2 day: private lesson €120 (2 participants)

State qualified instructor. Equipment provided.


Departing from the ARIEGE EVASION campsite, there are many major sites for climbing :


Sinsat or Quié de Sinsat: The historic site of Haute Ariege, first 8a of the Pyrenees.
from 4c in 10 meters to 8a on jammers and 300 m of walls.

The tooth of Orlu: The mythical slabs at 2222m Zinkeria, Ithaca or the sequence of 1000m of the children of the slab in 6a!
Ax les thermes : Swimming pool area (no approach). Entresserres (confidential) or Bonascre (summer).

Aston (Coudene): Cool on the road to the Laparan dam. High level, vertical finger slab and technique.

Appy: Facing the Pyrenees in winter, climbing in the sun, magnificent view. Equipped by Mr. Thierry Pouxviel.

Urs or quié d'Urs: There is no way to go. The Sealer of the Rings 5 ​​anthology lengths. a separate site.

Merens: the spelungue and the “vulture ball” the Pouxviel Costeseque rope party!

Auzat: The homeland of Didier Raboutou, and Didier Robert. A superb granite initiation rock. Montcalm Hein Dulfer sector 6b and its left variant in 7a,

Le Far: Equipped by Gérard's (Jalbert and Pouliquen), Didier Robert and David Marfaing (our Boss). Equipped “school” for fun on “mountain” routes where beautiful technical grip steps await you.

The Sédour: In 1973 opening of the Fantillou, still relevant except from February to June due to nesting!

Cimetière des Boucs: 45min approach which is worth the detour: the Pla of day 6b and “old Sam” with its tricky start in 7a.

Le Balcon des Seigneurs: A beautiful sector opened by Pastou09, “Alex en vrille” a magnificently crafted 6a, “Ca fume en bubble” a 7a step which blocks at the exit. “Crash Test” 7c well written. !

Calamès: A topical spot where you can find everything: high-level sporting routes or adventure terrain.

La Roche Ronde: Very visible and yet little or not frequented! To climb. “Young and C…” Serious art route!

Le Roc à Stèph: How can we, as Ariège Evasion not tell you about the spot of our instructor Stéphane Estebe! Swany, jungle surfing and the very technical 6a of the 1st sector.

Sibada: To warm up your fingers: Macalou, the rings of Saturn, apnea 7C…and the essential “beauty with sleeping fingers” 7a.

Alliat: Everything, and beauty! A new sector with a 2-minute approach from 5c to 8a via “the legend of Momo” 7a.

Génat: For extraterrestrial, a fabulous but hard site! Heating paths are not to be taken lightly.

Baychon: A small hamlet and beautiful, very well equipped routes. “favorite” site.

Sabart: The meeting place of the mutants. Entrance ticket in 6c, majority of 8a. 9a is mentioned…

Carol: A beautiful forgotten sector, route of a spoiled child 6c, “spitmania” 8a was in 1991.

Roquefixade: Climb to the foot of the castle, approach walk of 3 min. “Requiem for Péchiney”, “Nuts”.

Gorges de la Frau: The eye of the zodec, good numbers of orchids present in the gorges, the famous Venus slipper would have been seen!

Stay at the Ariège Évasion : furnished tents , pitches , chalets .


Mountain routes:

Bassies: A bambée to catch this beautiful stone.

Le Rulhe: More modern edges and routes. Recommended friend games. A warm welcome with Calou at the Rulhe refuge. “A large dry stake that breathes kindness” says Lionel Daudet Himself!

In Beys: Routes in the ONCFS reserve: Mal des Rimayes, the Juju terrine, the great dwarf…

Le Quioules: Openings in progress, shush! !

Campcardos: Ridge and spur don't forget a few varied peaks in addition to friends' games.

Bailettes : D lower than TD additional equipment to be completed.

Ribuls: partially equipped for very hot days.

Bessaillettes: PGHM at the Cabals' distress opening. 6a mandatory.

Castille: “the ball of the vultures” be careful the ushers respond to the sweet names of Costeseque and Pouxviel! Rating of the authors!

Block sector:

Laramade: From the cool block, the field of David's grandmother (our Boss).
Orlu: From the boulder at the water's edge at the foot of the Dent.
Arabaux: Blocks facing south not far from Foix.


“If you are tall, it is because you are not tall” Arnaud Petit.

“Chipping is not climbing”

“For one day not to take a plane to place jammers…”

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