With a High Mountain Guide,

on the ridges, the North faces…

Crampons, ropes, approach walk, bivouac.
Early departure with headlamps, the bergschrund to negotiate, sunrise over the sea of ​​clouds. Great holds, belaying while moving, nibbling during a relay.

A summit, a story, life!

Cravings :

Quazemi Ridge, among our Catalan neighbors of Mariailles

The children of La Dalle more than 1000m of 6a from the campsite

The W edge of Petit Rulhe via the Calou and Fred terrace

Faustin at Valier from Stéphane and Laurent

The Salenque Storm Ridge on the roof of the world!

The NW of Petit Astazou, the Tuquerouye refuge, projects in sight

The 3 advisors leaving from Vivien Horcholle.

The Gaube and arrival at the summit of Vignemale

The Embarradère pillar in the footsteps of the Ravier brothers

“The delinquents of the useless” in the footsteps of Rémi Thivel, Bunny and Benoit Dandonneau or Jérome Thiniéres. The ultimate route for the dreams of glacier climbers and extreme dry enthusiasts.

Ordesa and the sequences of Josune and Rikar

Further south in Riglos, in Montrebei with Romain Wagner, in Hoggar or Tassili with Thomas Dulac!


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