Our favorites

Non-exhaustive list of places, establishments, people who will leave you with an unforgettable memory during your stay in Ornolac-Ussat-les-bains in Ariège at Ariège évasion .

The restaurants :

Bellevue restaurantThe Bellevue in Tarascon sur Ariège , our historic partner. Enjoy authentic cuisine highlighting local products, tapas and charcoal cooking. The service is impeccable, you will have the choice between its terrace and its air-conditioned room with a view of Ariège. Open 7/7.

Maison Lot in Cabannes, a unique experience, full of flavors and elegance. This restaurant only uses seasonal products from our local regions. Good ingredients, homemade and a sincere pleasure in sharing with you small discoveries, a few surprises and the taste of happiness, quite simply. Remember to book this confidential place only opens on weekends.

Maison Lacube in Cabannes, the story of a family of Ariégeois farmers wishing to promote the gastronomic riches of our beautiful region. Only local produce from surrounding farms and producers, a 100% Ariégeois service where the servers will share with you the history of each product is the recipe for success of this establishment. Remember to book in advance!

To visit :

Mill biscuits :

A stone's throw from the Ariège évasion , combine indulgence and discovery in this artisanal biscuit factory located in Sinsat at the foot of the Quié cliff, in a mill built in the 17th century which operated until 1950 and was used in turn to make flour or electricity for the village. You will taste delicious organic biscuits including “Lantounet” and you can continue with a visit to the mill which is free.

Bungee jumping from the Mas d'Azil caveElastic Jump :

Dare to take the big leap with ELASTIC JUMP! For those who live harder! A team of professionals who will make you take the big “bungee” jump in the sumptuous setting of the Mas d'Azil cave .

Hypocras : The medieval drink.

A stone's throw from the Ariège évasion through the streets of the town of Tarascon sur Ariège, don't hesitate to visit the Séguélas family. Their Hypocras is faithful to its Medieval recipe and 100% natural, much more than a drink it is also a page of Ariège history that is offered to you. Hypocras is the result of a learned Alchemy which uses plants, spices and wine. To be consumed in moderation (the drink not the page of history of course).

Xploria discovering evolution:

45 minutes by car from the Ariège évasion campsite , immerse yourself in the discovery of the living world, from the origin of time until tomorrow!

Thanks to a  nature trail designed for adventure , the history of fauna and flora in a fun and scientific way

Xploria was designed to have fun learning the history of a heritage that is both universal and local: biodiversity.

Nowadays, a man of prehistory, Florent Rivere, the creator of the park and passionate about prehistory, makes us experience all his forgotten things: lighting a fire, carving a flint,… A natural enthusiast!

The eagles of Lordat Castle:

 A few kilometers from the Ariège évasion campsite strewn at an altitude of 956 meters, erected on a rocky peak overlooking the Ariège valley, the Lordat castle is home to around 35 birds of prey. Many activities are offered there from July to September including a fabulous falconry show “The Eagles of Urga”. Not to miss.

Wolf House in OrluThe wolf house in Orlu :

During a getaway to Ax les thermes , do not hesitate to continue in the beautiful Orlu valley at the very bottom of it you will find this park in a preserved natural environment, where you will observe the packs of European wolves, Poland, Canada and the Arctic.

More than 4 hectares of forest within the Orlu national wildlife reserve to get to know the different packs of the park with more than twenty-five wolves.
To get to know them better, we advise you to listen to the comments of the keepers during feeding (around 2 or 3 feedings per day).

The visit continues with the mini-farm near the trout pond.
Young and old will be delighted to observe the chickens, roosters, guinea pigs and little chicks...