Group, Works Council, associations

You want to organise an outing or a weekend for the employees of your company, the members of your association or the members of your group.

Are you the leader of a team and you want to reward or test their cohesion?

Then don’t hesitate to choose Ariège as the playground!

With the help of our staff of hardened professionals, your project will take shape and your objective, whatever it may be, will be achieved. Furthermore, mother nature has provide us with fabulous activity sites!

Don’t hesitate to consult us if you have different wishes or ideas.

Below, are some examples of possible programmes 1hour from Toulouse…


From 15 Euros per person

Description of the outing:

Reception at the departure base with a briefing over coffee. Route chosen according to your wishes.

Upon arrival, our leisure base is placed at your disposition for your meals or thematic activities. (2 hectares along the river equipped with showers, toilet blocks, tables, benches and barbecues…)

OPTIONS: Transportation to our bases; take-away picnic baskets; aperitif-dinner; meals cooked on site by a caterer; barbecues; Ariège buffet; bivouac or chalet accommodation… instructor supervision…


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From 49 Euros per person.

Description of the services: contact us

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