An original gift idea:

Offer an Ariège canoe descent!
Healthy and flexible, this gift will be pefect to keep excellent memories !

Treat somebody!

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Stag and hen events:

The wedding is approaching for one of your friends and you are in charge of organising the stag or hen event. A heavy responsibility!

But don’t worry, we are there to help you to organize an original and crazy dream party for a day or a weekend.

During a descent (or several!) in canoe, the happy chosen one, duly equipped with a rubber duck ring and a neoprene suit with flippers and captain’s cap, for example, must overcome several challenges such as fishing a barbel with a landing net, building a dam from pebbles, imitating a Venetian gondolier standing on the bottom of his or her canoe… And all this after arriving with his or her eyes blindfolded on our catapult for launching them into the water!

Anything is possible, while respecting the safety rules, of course!

Note : The descent of the future wife or husband is offered free of charge by Ariège Evasion!

Contact-us for further details and together, we will organise a day you will never forget: